What we do

Our Tailormade Group Production team is comprised of a combination of state-of-the-art facilities and a high calibre group of individuals with over 13 years of experience in the entertainment industry. We specialise in Professional Productions, Choreography, Stage Management, Artist Bookings as well as Costume Design and Manufacturing. Success in these areas has not only allowed the team to set new benchmarks in generating exceptional Corporate Event Productions/ Entertainment but has resulted in a well-earned reputation due to our dedication to working tirelessly, while striving to inspire our clients, audiences and affiliates in the entertainment industry.

Planning Planning And More Planning

A brilliant creative concept without the correct team remains just that, a concept. We have the team and resources to ensure that our concepts come to life with perfect execution. As a team, we are comprised of a varied group of individuals with extensive expertise in several fields. Our Production team is driven and flourishes in the fields of diversity, logistics, artist management and personalised services. Our Tailormade Group values are realistic, inclusive and productive and allow us to ensure that we deliver on our promises. Our systems are functional, efficient and practical. Our approach is always success-driven. We always keep the final outcome in mind and stick to budget margins while working towards a rapid turnaround on delivery and ensuring efficient scheduling.

Listen. Understand. Create.

Understanding your brand and corporate entertainment requirements is our priority. We promise to create a unique product for our clients by ensuring that our entertainment and technical skills capture the perfect entertainment line-up, allowing your corporate event or production to evolve into a World Class Tailormade Experience. Creativity is our passion and ensuring our vision fits within your requirements is our MISSION!